Cassie's Uncut "Me & U"

I've finally gotten to watch this video in its entirety, after I've heard how provocative it was. What's the big damn deal? She has said that the video was shot before she even had a record deal, and that she wasn't expecting to sign one at the time. The way bloggers were going at her I expected to see a money shot at the end. Simmadown!! This "uncut" video has been blown way out of porportion. It's not any worse than "Deja Vu"'s Beyonce's-face-in-Jay-Z's crotch shot.


"Flavor of Love 2" is the sh---, literally

When I first heard someone was gonna shit on the floor on the season premiere, I thought that had to be a silly rumor. But alas, it was true, Ms. "Somethin'" shitted on the floor!! I promise as soon as I come across the clip, I'm posting it. I heard she shitted on the floor because the producers wouldn't let her leave the room during the elimination ceremony. I tried to look at it her way, but If I had to shit that bad, I wouldn't care if it was a pack of hungry wolves between me and the toilet, I'd have sacrificed an arm before I embarrased myself on national television like that. There was another equally entertaining segment, the fight between Sapphire (her real name---she was kicked off before she got a nickname) and "H-Town". Sapphire beat the H-Town's ass for a bed!! This clip is post-fight, when the girls were waiting on Flav to talk to them separately about what happened, during which Sapphire tolf Flav she hit H-Town because she pulled her "$800 heaurr". Sapphire ended up getting kicked off for throwing the first punch, but after "H-Town" complained of a headache due to the ass-whoopin', Flav eliminates her because she "needed to go see a doctor". ha!!!


Jenna Jameson De-flowers Famous Wax Museum

Jenna Jameson became the first porn star in history to be immortalized in wax by Madame Tassauds in Vegas. For those of you who are not horn dogs, Jenna Jameson is the highest paid, highest grossing, most famous and powerful porn star in the world and the history of the industry. And she's still not as skanky as Paris Hilton (spotted @ idontlikeyouinthatway.com)


Penny On the Cover of Vibe

Ms. Jackson (if ya nasty) is looking delish on the latest Vibe issue. I just hope I have the money to afford all that plastic surgery when I'm 40!!!! She's looking effing 25! How eyebrowing-raising is it that they described her as "Crazy In Love"? Her biggest competition is Beyonce right now and they quote her biggest hit song? Tisk, Tisk, Vibe. Mimi wouldn't have ever let that slide.


Outkast's "Idlewild" Trailer

"Idlewild" Trailer

Words can't describe how ecstatic I am to see Outkast's new movie "Idlewild". I'm not expecting Citizen Kane, but I'm a die-hard OutKast fan. Anything that involves the mind of Dre 3000 couldn't possibly suck.
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